Saturday, August 9, 2008

Honor Roll

Today I walked past a drink stand with no vendor. There was only a sign that read:

All drinks are one dollar. Please abide by the honor system.

Which, for the uninformed, is actually code for:

Free drinks.

Because I refuse to believe that anyone would incorporate the honor system into their business model, I don't think the guy running that stand was serious. Maybe he's performing a sociological experiment where the free drinks trigger some kind of booby trap.

You grab a bottle...look around....nothing. You walk away, seemingly unscathed....

...that is, until eighty Aztec warriors come out of nowhere to chase you down F Street, spears in hand.

As an arrow flies past your right shoulder, you smack your hand against your forehead and yell: "Oh, abandoned drink stand guy, you have given me my just desserts! Never again will I pilfer a Snapple!"

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