Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Ready for

I've decided to adopt a stage name, and I'd like to hear your input. Comment, message, email me, whatever - let me know what you think I should change it to.
I ran this idea past my Dad last Sunday:

MIKE: Hey Pop, I was thinking of changing my name when I'm onstage. I think it could help me in my comedy career down the road. Would you and Mom be offended?

DAD: What are you doing with your life? Seriously, is it too late for you to sell insurance? What about that girl you brought over here a couple weeks ago, have you proposed to her yet?

MIKE: I'll be honest with you, Dad, that was my mail lady. She owed me a favor 'cause I caught her opening my mail.

DAD: Get out of my basement.

So throw me your name ideas. The best ones will get thrown at the end of a blog about Chewbacca banging Alan Thicke, or something else I shit out when I'm bored.

Good luck!

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